Host a Workshop

Centralina is committed to providing Health & Wellness workshops across the region. Centralina is always seeking community partners to serve as hosts to provide locations that are convenient to interested older adults and community members. Contact Centralina if you are interested in hosting a workshop at your location for your community.

Considerations for Hosting a Workshop:

  • Workshops are typically held at a variety of community settings such as senior centers, churches, libraries and hospitals
  • Community workshops last 4 to 8 weeks with varying days and times
  • Special attention should be given to making the location accessible to all
  • The workshop needs a private space with room large enough for all participants (10 -15) to gather comfortably, plus space for 2 leaders and their materials.
  • At times, access to a DVD player and TV may be necessary
  • Hosts are asked to provide light snacks for participants

Benefits of Hosting a Workshop:

  • No cost to you or the participants
  • Workshops provide research-based information to your community to promote health and wellness
  • Structure allows for workshop participants to build relationships and sense of support
  • Centralina will provide all printed materials needed for the workshop including, textbooks and videos
  • Centralina will coordinate trained volunteer leaders to lead the workshop

Contact Centralina Health Solutions at or 704-348-2729 for more information about hosting a workshop.