Visit Residents In A Long Term Care Facility

visit residents

What are community advisory committees?

The following committees take the to visit residents of long term care facilities:

  • Community Advisory Committees (CAC job description) are made up of volunteers appointed by the county commissioners. They visit facilities, interact with residents, and advocate for quality care in the homes. Each member serves terms from 1-3 years and must reside within the county that they serve.
  • Nursing Home Community Advisory Committees visit each nursing home every three months. They act as a supportive local committee to help maintain the spirit of the Nursing Home Resident’s Bill of Rights.
  • Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committees visit each Adult Care Home every three months and Family Care Homes annually. They help maintain the Adult Care Home Resident’s Bill of Rights.

Contact your local Clerk to the County Commissioners for an application or the Ombudsman program if you have further questions.

Please check the Calendar for meeting dates, and upcoming trainings.