Our Staff

Linda Miller - Aging Programs Director

Linda is the program lead for the Region F Aging Advisory Committee and Home and Community Care Block Grant. She serves as the Lead Planner for Mecklenburg and Union counties.

704-348-2712 (phone)
lmiller@centralina.org (email)

Debi Lee - Assistant Aging Programs Director

Debi Lee is the Assistant Aging Programs Director and the program lead for Legal Services, Senior Medicare Patrol, Medicare Information for Patients and Providers Project, and Housing and Housing Improvement. She is the Lead Planner for Gaston, Iredell, and Lincoln counties. She serves as the regional contact for the Community Resource Center.

704-348-2714 (phone)
dlee@centralina.org (email)

Katie Kutcher - Assistant Aging Programs Director

Katie Kutcher is an Assistant Aging Programs Director and works with Home and Community-Based Services and Mobility Management efforts in the Centralina region. She serves as the Lead Planner in Cabarrus and Iredell County. She is a Lead Trainer for A Matter of Balance and a Master Trainer for Chronic Disease Self-Management, Diabetes Self-Management, Chronic Pain Self-Management, and Building Better Caregivers.

704-348-2705 (phone)
kkutcher@centralina.org (email)

Amanda Dawson - Aging Program Coordinator

Amanda is an Aging Program Coordinator providing support for evidence-based health programs and its volunteers across the region. She also assists with piloting the PEARLS program in North Carolina as a PEARLS Coach. In addition to providing support for the Health and Wellness team at CAAA, Amanda also helps with providing ARPA Title III-B direct services such as Housing and Home Improvement as well as Chore Enhanced services.

704-385-4789 (phone)
adawson@centralina.org (email)

Austin Caton - Aging Service Specialist

Austin is an Aging Service Specialist and Service Coordination Specialist for the Family Caregiver Support Program that covers all nine counties. He also works with the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to get needed programs and services to older adults and caregivers in the region.

704-348-2708 (phone)
acaton@centralina.org (email)

Caitlin McElrath - Aging Program Administrator

Caitlin McElrath is an Aging Program Administrator and serves as the lead for Nutrition, Housing and Home Improvement and Legal Services in the 9 county Centralina region. She also assists with SHIIP, MIPPA and our monthly webinar series.

704-348-2726 (phone)
cmcelrath@centralina.org (email)

Cindy Kincaid - Family Caregiver Program Manager

Cindy Kincaid is the Family Caregiver Program Manager.  She is also serving as the Ombudsman for Gaston and Lincoln Nursing Home and Adult Care Homes. She is a certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer.

704-348-2715 (phone)
ckincaid@centralina.org (email)

Evelyn Pressley - Aging Programs Financial Coordinator

Evelyn Pressley is the Aging Programs Financial Coordinator and provides technical assistance for the Aging Resource Management System and manages monitoring schedules for all nine counties.

704-688-6505 (phone)
epressley@centralina.org (email)

Hillary Kaylor - Aging Program Manager - Mecklenburg Nursing Homes

Hillary Kaylor is the Aging Program Manager for the Ombudsman Program. She is the Co-lead for the Annual Aging Conference.

704-348-2724 (phone)
hkaylor@centralina.org (email)

Jeanette Mullies - Regional Ombudsman

Jeannie Mullies is the Ombudsman serving residents who live in both Adult Care and Nursing Homes in Gaston and Lincoln Counties. 

704-688-6504 (phone)
jmullies@centralina.org (email)

Kamiya Crawford - Aging Program Coordinator

Kamiya is an Aging Program Coordinator who leads The Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding Lives (PEARLS) pilot program. PEARLS is an evidence-based health program designed to reduce depression in socially isolated older adults.

704-688-7036 (phone)
kcrawford@centralina.org (email)

Kelly Mach - Aging Program Coordinator

Kelly is an Aging Program Coordinator working with ARPA funded programs.

kmach@centralina.org (email)

Kelsey Lieungh - Aging Service Specialist

Kelsey is an Aging Service Specialist working with the Family Caregiver Support Program.

klieungh@centralina.org (email)

Kristen Srouji - Aging Program Manager

Kristen is the Aging Program Manager for evidence-based health programs across the region. Kristen also serves as the staff co-lead for the Metrolina Falls Prevention Coalition. Kristen is a Master Trainer for A Matter of Balance.

704-348-2729 (phone)
ksrouji@centralina.org (email)

Laurie Abounader - Aging Program Administrator

Laurie Abounader is an Aging Program Administrator who serves as the Lead Planner for Anson and Lincoln Counties. She serves as Lead for Senior Centers, In-Home Aide, Adult Day Care, Adult Day Health, Group Respite, Elder Abuse Awareness Initiatives, and also assists with Mobility Management.

704-688-6501 (phone)
labounader@centralina.org (email)

Molly O’Day - Aging Program Coordinator

Molly is an Aging Program Coordinator who leads the Healthy Homes Fall Prevention pilot program which serves eligible clients in Mecklenburg and Union Counties through a partnership with Green & Healthy Home Initiatives. The Healthy Homes Fall Prevention program seeks to provide fall prevention education and home modifications to increase overall quality of life for older and disabled adults to help them age in place in a safe home environment.

704-385-4461 (phone)
moday@centralina.org (email)

Myra Green - Vaccine Engagement Specialist

vaccine@centralina.org (email)

Patricia Garner Cowan - Regional Ombudsman - Iredell, Rowan & Stanly

Patricia Cowan is the Ombudsman serving residents who live in Adult Care Homes and Nursing Homes in Iredell and Rowan Counties. She is a certified American with Disabilities Act (ADA) trainer.

704-688-6503 (phone)
pcowan@centralina.org (email)

Rachel Kiel - Regional Ombudsman - Cabarrus, Union & Anson

Rachel Kiel is the Ombudsman serving residents who live in Adult Care Homes and Nursing Homes in Anson, Cabarrus and Union Counties.

704-348-2739 (phone)
rkiel@centralina.org (email)

Rochelle McIver - Regional Ombudsman - Mecklenburg Adult Care Homes

Rochelle McIver is the Ombudsman serving residents who live in Adult Care Homes in Mecklenburg County.

704-348-2736 (phone)
rmciver@centralina.org (email)
Reaghan Murphy headshot

Reaghan Murphy - Regional Planner, Centralina Department of Regional Planning

704-348-2731 (phone)
rmurphy@centralina.org (email)
Luke Lowry Headshot

Luke Lowry - Regional Planner, Centralina Department of Regional Planning

704-385-7556 (phone)
llowry@centralina.org (email)